jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

the stuff that comes out of the drain

The back shower or, as I call it, the "boy shower" (since I'm the one who uses it) has been draining extremely slowly. This morning I decided, post-shower, it was time to snake the drain. We have old pipes that have some corrosion so ownership of a small drain snake is necessary.

What I'll never get is the origin of some of the stuff that comes out of the drain!

Sure there's hair, as I will confess to being a Man of Some Hair (not on my head).

But there was this other substance that looked like wet newspaper. No, I don't read in the shower.

Also I found some sort of food-like entity. I don't eat in the shower.

Finally was some hard flaky substance. Not my skin. I suspect it's the gunk that is on the inside of the pipes (possibly hard water deposits).

The shower now drains again! And that's today's excursion in to the world of "ick".
Tags: ick, life

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