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the downs and ups of a day

On the down: the release of the new version of the system did an epic fail today and ended up a "no-go", thus being shelved to some farther future date. This is for the old job, but it's still a big bummer as I was hoping to go out of the old job with a big success and not a massive ker-klunk.

Extending my "Jack Sparrow at the start of Pirates" metaphor, it's like I stepped off the sinking ship onto the dock and the ship is now exploding in flames behind me and everyone's saying "What the hell did he do?"

Because, in the end, I feel like the fail falls on my shoulders. The system functionality is probably working, but in the crazy two months of learning to steer the ship while looking for a new job while stressing out about the whole thing, testing was not as good as it could have been. And now it's too late to deal with the last minute complications in data entry, figure out how it works, and test the massive heck out of it.


On the up: The "no-go" decision meant I didn't have to do large amounts of last-minute testing tonight and could take A to climbing club. While there, I put in about 700 words on "Nona, Back For Christmas" which is near first draft completion.

On the down: The words suck. The story, so full of promise in my brain, has just stunk it up on paper. Massive revision will be required on this story, if I can even revise it at all.

On the up: While struggling through "Nona, Back For Christmas" another story has been burning in my brain. Said story is called "Giant Panda In The Golden Ring Of Fate" and once I am done with this post I am going to write down the burning words. This is a "what the hell, have fun with it story" which are always the best kind of stories.

So, perhaps today will end on an up after all. We shall see.
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