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[writing] A New Milestone: I got a pro invite! But, um, I'm not a pro...

So I got an email from the Norwescon folks today inviting me to be an Attending Pro at the 2009 con! I'm extremely flattered, and a little shocked. Because, ummm, I'm not a pro, as I have no professional sales.

I think it relates to an email discussion I had with Erin, the organizer of the Writers Workshop, about being an Emergency Backup Critiquer. Which I would be very happy to do, as I've received good critiques at Norwescon and would like to reciprocate. And, I've been told I do good critique at times.

So, I'm not sure what to think. Getting a pro invite is way way cool, but I don't want to be doing it under any false pretexts. Maybe I can be a "semi-pro".

Anyone out there have any thoughts on this?
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