jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

fitness center downs and ups

Got in a trip to the fitness center before work.

On the down side, the televisions in front of me were completely content-free. On Good Morning America (GMA), GMA people were interviewed by GMA people about the big career breaks that led to them being on GMA. On Fox News, Karl Rove was talking about the legacy of the Bush presidency.

On the up side, I had a magazine to read. Fitness time is when I get my magazine reading done - gotta fill up that story brain! Also, I had a good workout - aerobic stuff, situps, and stretching - and I'm starting to gain back what I lost (or lose what I gained) through the Nov/Dec of stress, less exercise, and eating.

On the interesting side, the "running dude" is back! He's an interesting guy who, while running very fast, forever, on the treadmill (9-10 mph), used to make "tiger claw" gestures and clap and growl. He's much more sedate now. I only saw one tiger claw.

On the super up side, my fitness center found my ID tag. This was good because it contained the key to my lock but, more importantly, it also had the rainbow "DAD" tag that A made for a few years ago. I was a little disheartened by the thought that I'd lost it. Yay, fitness center!
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