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Read a Story a Day: Jan 1-11, 2009

I'm back on the kick to Read a Story a Day, and doing well so far.

All reading is from either:
- kenscholes's collection _Long Walks, Last Flights, and Other Strange Journeys_
- Lavie Tidhar's collection _Hebrew Punk_
- _Sacred Games_ (novel) by Vikram Chandra.

These books will reappear in the next "Being Read and Enjoyed" post, and I am really enjoying all three.

Thursday Jan 1 - Sunday Jan 10, 2009
Total: 9 stories; 4 novel chapters
Top Favorites: "Into the Gap Where Life Is Hurled"; "Transylvania Mission"; "That Old-Time Religion"; "East of Eden and Just a Little Bit South"; _Sacred Games_

Stories Read:
- "Into the Gap Where Life Is Hurled" by Ken Scholes
- "The Santaman Cycle" by Ken Scholes
- "Hikubasha Dreaming In The Shadowy Land of Death" by Ken Scholes
- "The Heist" by Lavie Tidhar
- "Transylvania Mission" by Lavie Tidhar
- _Sacred Games_, Chapters 1-3 ("Policeman's Day", "Ganesh Gaitonde Sells His Gold", "Going Towards Home")
- "Of Metal Men and Scarlet Thread and Dancing with the Sunrise" by Ken Scholes
- "The Dope Fiend" by Lavie Tidhar
- "That Old-Time Religion" by Ken Scholes
- "East of Eden and Just a Little Bit South" by Ken Scholes
- _Sacred Games_, Chapter 4 ("Ganesh Gaitonde Acquires Land")
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