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lunchtime links

- From the Typewriter To The Bookstore: A Publishing Story" (YouTube video, via burger_eater). Very funny. So *that's* how it works!

- Robert Sawyer's Notes for the Copyeditor. How a pro does it. I guess he gives it to all eighteen copywriters (see above video).

- 100 Cereal Box Covers (at 'from the aeron', via jay_lake). I have eaten much cereal from many of those boxes. Ah, Pink Panther Flakes and Cookie Crisp, I miss you.

- 'Check, Please!' to air lost Obama episode (at Yahoo Daily Buzz). From 2001, Obama is part of a group talking about restaurants. Apparently, he got a bit chatty - who would have thought that?

- Top 10 Incredible Early Firsts In Photography (at listverse). Includes some of the earliest pictures and videos known. Very nifty, especially for photo/video nerds.

- The Evolution of Casual Games (at Business Week). Casual games are for those who don't play hours per day, but just want to play for a little while with friends or family. Rock Band definitely fits that model, and I loves me my Rock Band. Rock on!
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