jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

and yesterday was a good day

At work, I finally got my development environment setup and correctly compiling a standard build. So now I can start making actual contributions to the project. At lunchtime, the boss took the team to go have burritos for lunch. This is for the New Job, which is at the same company as the Old Job. The New Job is going great so far!

Came home, took a shower and changed, and after a stop by the store for a dessert and a bottle of wine, zoomed out to San Rafael for the birthday party of quixhobbit. I had a good time there, ate desserts, had tasty mead (made by quixhobbit and her husband, and met and talked about writing with fellow VP alum drumiller. I also chatted with folks about music, gaming, and mead and enjoyed all the brave folks who dared to sing at the karaoke station.

And Happy Birthday quixhobbit!

Today it's clean up the office in prep for a visit from Dad. (It turns out that the guest bed actually is *not* a filing cabinet). He and I are going to go play golf tomorrow, then we'll all hang out with my sister and her partner and watch football games and eat.

And now it's time for the great cleanup to begin!
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