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(Posted here for reference. At twitter, I'm also "jeffsoesbe")

  • 13:25 @egriffith Yay, LOST! #
  • 13:26 work meeting via phone, after lunch with sister and dad. salmon sandwich was good and humungous (I only ate half) #
  • 13:56 LOST season 5 premiere minus 7 hours and counting! #
  • 19:02 LOST minus two hours!!!!! #lost #
  • 20:17 @petersagal Start comparing her to Michelle... :-) #
  • 20:17 almost ready to watch LOST! #
  • 21:32 #lost note to self: when putting knives in the dishwasher, *not* in the silverware basket, and *not* point up #
  • 22:17 #lost Explanations of LOST's version of time travel are not easy, and I'm a SF nerd. #
  • 22:29 #lost You knew that guy was toast, with the way he was acting #
  • 22:51 #lost Liked Hurley's summary, to Mom, of the events on the island... #
  • 23:09 #lost And LOST is back, in all its LOST-ness. People careening around the landscape like pachinko balls... #
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