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[writing] A Thing A Week: latest update

Well, the attempt at A Thing A Week is still seeing some hiccups.

Last week's Thing, a new story titled "Giant Panda and the Golden Ring of Fate", was finally finished off last night at about 6200 words. The delay was due to not properly finding enough time while Dad was visiting to get the story done. Alas, I think I took too long to write it as it seemed to really fall off towards the end from the sharp crisp opening I had in the first few scenes. I'll put it aside for a while then re-tackle it in Feb/March.

Now I'm behind on this week's Thing, a rewrite of "Breaking Through" for the Norwescon Writing Workshop. Luckily, the story is in pretty good shape and just needs some real details and some more character-building moments.

Next week's thing is a rewrite of "We The Hunters, We The Hunted" (formerly called "Hunters") for Norwescon Writing Workshop. There's more work to be done on this one. Either I stay with the current viewpoint character and rework several scenes that lack real details and deep character, or I switch viewpoint characters (as per kenscholes's suggestion many moons ago) and redraft the whole story. Not sure what to think yet. I'll see what feels good after a re-read.

Next month, being my birthday month, is going to see the tackling of some Big Important Stories. That will be interesting. More on that later.
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