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TV Comment: LOST, season 5, episode 1&2

Season 5, Episode 1 & 2
"Because You Left" and "The Lie"

LOST is back!

I have to say I was rather thrilled that LOST was coming back, actually giddy with excitement. Especially since I've avoided all spoilers about the season.

So Daniel at some point moves through time and ends up on the island in the 70s(?). One would assume this is a side effect of some exposure to the island energy, or perhaps his experiments with the mouse (as seen in a previous episode).

The question is: Did Desmond and Daniel always meet at the island in the past, or did Daniel somehow create a new event and thus the "memory" for Desmond? Daniel said that Desmond was special, perhaps the ability to have his past altered is what's special about Desmond.

In conversation, and while typing, it's very hard to keep Desmond and Daniel apart. Could they have chosen two names that were more dis-similar? :-)

At first, I thought that Ms. Hawking would turn out to be Daniel's mom, the one that he told Desmond to go see. However, Ben was able to get to her from Los Angeles when he told Jack he would be gone for 6 hours. So I think that the show is both implying and not implying that Ms. Hawking is Daniel's mom. They're tricky like that.

I also assume that most of that fifth season will have to play out within the 70 hours limit given by Ms. Hawking. Shades of "24".

I'm still uncertain about this form of time travel. The "Islandies" (Sawyer, Locke, Juliet, Daniel, et al) are moving back and forth through time on the island, I'll go for that. But the island itself physically disappeared. So is the island itself moving back and forth through its own timeline? If so, then why doesn't the stuff on the island come back too? Where did it go? Or did the island go one direction in time and the Islandies go the other?

I also don't think that the "island/islandies jumping through time" can hold up for a whole season, especially if it's multiple times per episode. I could see them settling down to a model where the Islandies jump one or maybe twice in an episode. Shades of "Quantum Leap".

I would have preferred it if Sun wasn't scared in the airport scene with Widmore, but as tough and stern as she was in the rest of the episode (and in their previous meeting). And Sun wants to kill Ben, I assume because she holds him to blame for Jin's "death". Yes, I say Jin's "death" because I'm pretty sure Jin is alive, one way or another.

Who are the military men? My guess is they are people hired by Widmore to occupy the island. I'm not too sure when they arrived there, nor am I sure about how. Why don't they go into the hatch (and are they in the same time as when Desmond is in the hatch)? I'm also unsure about that.

Minor things that were fun:
- The "who is that" trick with a record player in the opening (see previous seasons). Aaaaand, it's Marvin Candle! Nice to see him again.
- Seeing the drug-smuggling plane, on the day it crashed on the island.
- Ana Lucia's appearance as a Hurley hallucination, especially the lines "Don't get arrested" and "Libby says hi."
- Taking Locke's body to a butcher shop for some cold storage. I'm very glad they didn't go the "Weekend at Bernie's" route with Locke.
- Ms. Hawking's machines (Foucault Pendulum, etc) at the university.
- Who puts knives in the silverware part of the dishwasher, point up? Sayid does, that's who. And for exactly that reason.

Summary: LOST is back, in all its LOST-y goodness. People are bouncing around from place to place, for every question that's answered another one is asked. But at its core it's still about character, and choices, and difficult times, and a deep mystery. So I'm in, for the run!
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