jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

signing up for Norwescon panels

I got to sign up for (ie, request) Norwescon 32 panels over the weekend, as part of my First Ever Con as an Attending Pro!

There were many, many interesting panels so it was a tough choice. I asked for a few on writing (emotion driven SF/F, sold my first story now what, the busy life, ideas, and the "hook" workshop), some on technology (robots and ancient computers, two of my interests), and a few on media (ie, LOST, Watchmen, and Heroes. What, no BSG?). I also signed up for a Viable Paradise panel being arranged by a fellow alum.

This will be in addition to doing several writing workshop sessions (both my manuscripts and others).

I also proposed the Science Fiction Spelling Bee (game) idea, but haven't sent the details so I don't know if that will happen or not.

I think Norwescon will be a very very busy con for me. Hopefully there will be some good BarCon in the evening to wind down. If you're going to Norwescon, come say hi! I'll be the frazzled guy in tie-dye and a kilt.
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