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[writing] Fear of Revision (episode 8,235,496)

I'm not sure if that's the *real* episode number, but it sure seems like it :-)

I sent in stories to the Norwescon Writers Workshop. I meant to revise them before sending them in, but the job craziness of November and December precluded that. I begged the workshop coordinator to allow me to send in a revision, and she kindly agreed. I want (need) to have the revisions in by the end of the month, and am starting in on them.

Or at least, trying to start in on them. I can read the story and find little "polishing" things to be fixed, ranging from poorly chosen words to excess description to "fake details" to notes to myself. But as for the story as a whole, I have no idea whether it works or not. I have this vague nagging feeling it doesn't work, but there's nothing I can point to in the story and say "there's the problem".

This is why I have a Fear of Revision. Because I don't feel like I can identify the larger aspects of my story as to why the story in the manuscript (which I'm usually not fond of) isn't the story in my head (which I usually like). All I can do is whip out my "technique/craft" things (real details, show don't tell, no distancing words, all five senses, etc, etc, etc) and apply those the best I can.

But there's still that strong sense of dis-satisfaction. I have a feeling it doesn't ever go away, too, based on what I hear/read the big pros say. You're never happy with a manuscript. You never have that objectivity to see its worth, whatever that worth is.

I'll just have to listen to the critiques at the workshop and see if anything rings true for me. And after that, revise again and hope I don't break the story in the process.

OK, on to it! ::forges ahead::
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