jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

tonight it's climb then write

As a member of the Climbing Club/Team, A gets one free guest pass per month. Since guest fee is at least $10, it's a good deal. We either use it to take one of A's friends climbing on the weekend, or I use it.

January's pass expires Saturday and we won't be going this weekend. So I get to use it. I'll tackle a bunch of boulder routes left over from the competition earlier this month, and do some work in the all-natural "cave". It's a little extra exercise, which is good.

Since I usually write while A is climbing, I'll have to write when we come back. I'm sure part of my desire to climb is avoidance of revising stories. Bad me. But there are many night-time writing opportunities coming in the next five days. The revisions will get done. I guarantee it! You can hold me to it.
Tags: fitness, writing

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