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While at the Home and Landscape Expo on Saturday, we ran across SnapHeat. It's a small company selling portable hand warmers. The nifty thing about these is that they're completely reusable.

The thick plastic packet holds a supersaturated solution of sodium acetate. Clicking the small metal clicker is enough energy to set off a crystallization process that generates heat for 30 minutes to 2 hours (depending on size of packet). To reuse them, you put them in simmering water for about 10 minutes then let them cool to room temperature in the water.

C loves them, as she can use them to warm her hands before seeing patients in the ER. E loves them cause they're warm. A likes playing with them. I think they're way cool. SnapHeat FTW, all the way around!

Twitter is really ticking me off. Ever since I switched from "jeffsoesbe" to "yeff", neither Firefox nor IE want to remember that I'm logged in (even though I click the checkbox on the Twitter login page). So I have to log in every single time. Sheesh.

Also, surely somewhere there's a setting allowing me to see more than 20 tweets on a page. Anyone know the secret?

Today, all the red lights are belong to me. I swear that on the way to and from work I stopped at 75%-80% of all the red lights on my route. And, I was driving the speed limit! (I'm a speed limit driver). Talk about aggravating.

Climbing was fun tonight. I did various and sundry boulder routes, mostly ones left over from the earlier Friday Flash competitions. I also played around in the all-natural room and on the wall next to the kid area. After an hour and a half my hands were dried meat and my arms were wiped, so I sat and read my Antikythera Mechanism information and wrote up some initial notes for the story. And had a muffin. Bad Yeff!

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