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[sacramento] Loretto is closing?!?!

I was surprised to open my paper today and find that Loretto High School is closing.

For those who don't live in my city, Loretto is a private Catholic college prep girls' school. It's always had a good reputation for academics and sports and for strong moral instruction, so much that many people I know who aren't religious send their daughters there.

Enrollment dropped from 559 three years ago to 389 this year. Wow. I wonder if the other religious college prep schools in the area (all girls' St Francis, all boys Jesuit, coed Christian Brothers) have suffered similar enrollment declines or if this is, for some reason, peculiar to Loretto. Even with the down economy, I would have thought private religious college prep schools would have kept up enrollment because there's such an interest in them.

Even though I'm not much on religious schools for my kids, I'm still bummed. I'm a fan of an all-girls school, so much I considered sending my daughters there. Perhaps Loretto can come back in another form in a few years. I'll also be interested to see what happens to the property. I've thought that the Sacramento area could use a non-denominational, academic private school similar to the one I went to in San Antonio (Keystone HS). Maybe this is the opportunity for someone to rent/acquire the property and open one.
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