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TV Comment: "Lost", season 5, episode 3

Season 5, Episode 3

If Jughead is in this episode, can Archie and Veronica be far behind?

LOST is liking these quirky episode starts.

A Penny Desmond baby! With these two, teh cute just doesn't stop. So I guess the kid was born not long (9 months) after they got back together. Funny how the baby's name, Charlie, works for both Charlie from the island *and* Penny's Dad.

Being a "sock" on LOST is not a career-long occupation. It's like being a redshirt on Star Trek.

Things not to say on LOST: "I'll be back by dark."; "Can you promise me you'll never go back to that island again?"; "back soon, I promise". In general, avoid the concept of coming "back".

That Richard, he's just the same all the time. Never aging, but old. Cryptic. Forced by the Island (or Jacob) to kill the military people. The Island really gets some serious cases of "mad-on", doesn't it?

They're working on some solid mind-twisting with time travel on this episode. They're Others. You've come back for the bomb. It turned out that things weren't as mind-twisty as one might have thought, but I get the feeling the writers were working on this one and just laughing and laughing at how cryptically weird they could make the dialogue. As a SF person, I'm following along their time travel just fine, but I wonder how non-SF folks are doing. Are there any non-SF folks watching LOST any more?

I see this episode as the "Daniel Faraday flashback" episode, without the flashbacks. We've covered his love for Charlotte; the events in the past with "the girl" (who might have looked like or even be the military person Elly); the fake mom who we at first think he abandoned; his link with Widmore; his ability to disarm hydrogen bombs. There's a lot going on there.

Jughead is the bomb. I wonder if the bomb will reappear in the future.

Faraday's mom is in Los Angeles, and she's Ms. Hawking. I tell you this now, but we all know this already. That happens with LOST.

"You're Charles Widmore". Yup. We knew he used to be on the island. Now we know when. At least, one "when", My pet theory has long been that Richard was on the Black Rock and that the Others/Hostiles are the sailors from the Black Rock. My eventual hope is that we'll go all the way back in "island time" until the Black Rock crashes and this theory will be proved to be true. Now, how/when does Widmore get *off* the island? Hmmmm?

I will say that LOST is doing well with linking up some pieces. Now we know why Richard was at Locke's birth, we're learning how the Others (and Richard) have been there so long, we're learning more about Widmore's association with the island. I'm rather impressed with the construction of the series, whether it was done from the start or done on the fly, I think they're doing a great job.

Finally, I note how this episode further confirms the validity of my "LOST Crush" on Juliet. She is the voice of calm, rational, sanity the whole episode. She figures out the military men are Others, keeps Sawyer and Ellie under control, keeps up with Locke. She is the LOST bomb. So to speak.

Summary: Not as mind-twisty as it at first seemed, and a very enjoyable episode. We learn a lot about Daniel Faraday, and a lot about how some people have come to be associated with the island. Of course, things are not what they seem. But is anything on LOST ever what it seems?

ETA: I forgot to mention and praise Juliet! I must be slipping. So added.
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