jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

the post-fleetball report

The game itself was fun. Teams started out as the four "old guys" (ages 40+) versus the four "kids" (ages 14-15). But the old guys quickly asserted their knowledge of the unconventional strategy of fleetball and scored a bunch of touchdowns. So we mixed it up with 2 old guys and 2 kids on each team, and it was much more even from there on out.

No big injuries, beyond the standard "I'm going to feel that tomorrow" overexertion. I did drag the toe of my foot through the dirt while attempting a kickoff. You usually don't take divots on kickoffs, but this was an exception :-)

Today I'm a little sore and stiff in the legs and the back, but a couple days of working out and stretching should ease that pain. So I think we can call fleetball a rousing success! All had a good time, and were interested in playing again in the future.
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