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HEROES: "Landslide" (May 14) [SPOILERS]

People die all over the place, Linderman does some healing, Hiro gets a new personal hero, and Sylar preps for a big day.

Wow, a lot of people bit the dust in this episode. HRG/Bennett kills Thompson, after delivering a McBain-esque send off line. No way HRG kills Molly Walker. Mohinder will give HRG a line about how Molly's dad couldn't protect her and how can HRG punish her for her father's failure and Molly needs someone to protect her, a good dad. And, having Molly with HRG makes things easier for him. At least, that's what Mohinder should do - we'll see what really happens and how dense the writers make him.

DL and Linderman take care of each other, though you think that DL might have a chance since he was shot once and he is holding Linderman's brain (or at least part of it) in his hand. Remember that the brain is the seat of all the powers. At least Linderman healed Heidi, though you know it was only out of interest in making sure the plan succeeds.

And Sylar got Ted. Poor,tortured, wracked-with-guilt Ted. Thought I don't understand why Ted didn't start going nuclear right after the crash if he was in so much pain. Sylar would have had a little more trouble getting close enough to get Ted's brain, but oh well...

You figured that Micah was going to fix the election for Linderman, so that wasn't a surprised. I did like Candace's talk about how she probably didn't look like she appeared, and how people treat you different if you're a different size or color. It definitely gave Candice some depth.

Hiro found out that dad knew about everything all along. When Hiro's dad was giving him sword lessons, you had to like Hiro's "my dad is so cool!" look. One figures that the historical Tensai is either Hiro or his dad. Supposedly Dad has a power but no hints as to what it is (beyond teaching sword fighting).

What next? Someone explodes, but not in New York City. I'm starting to wonder if exploding injures the explodee - could Sylar exploding and survive? We know Peter could survive because he has the healing power. How do you keep Sylar from exploding? Kill him, as Hiro knows. So what probably happens is someone kills Sylar, Peter starts to explode, and someone (Nathan?) gets him out of the way. We'll just have to wait and see...

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