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[writing] January 2009 results; February 2009 plans

January Results
- 3 Things completed: 2 new stories; 1 story revision (almost)
- 2 stories finished
- 1 story started
- 1 story revised
- 1 story sent out for critique
- 1 story critiqued
- 3 critiques done by me
- 7 submissions made
- 3 submission results, with two "no" and one SALE!
- 23 of 31 days with writing; 10709 new words written; 3655 words revision credit
- Race Points at end of month: 15

- For A Thing A Week, three Things were generated: two finished stories, and one (almost) revised story
- Two stories were finished: "Nona, Back For Christmas" and "Giant Panda in the Golden Ring of Fate".
- One story was started: "Giant Panda in the Golden Ring of Fate"
- One story was revised: "Breaking Through" (almost)
- One stories were sent out for critique: "Giant Panda in the Golden Ring of Fate" (partial)
- One stories were critiqued: "Giant Panda in the Golden Ring of Fate" (partial, at SacSpec)
- I did 3 critiques: 3 for SacSpecFic;
- I did seven submissions, to: ThoughtCrime Experiments, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Ideomancer, ASIM, Flash Fiction Online, Strange Horizons, and The Pedestal Magazine (flash)
- I received 3 submissions results: 2 "no" (no details) and a SALE ("Visiting the Ladies Room Exhibit at the Human Museum", to Kaleidotrope)
- I wrote 10709 new words, and earned 3655 words of revision credit.
- 23/31 days contained writing activities: 22 contained writing, 2 contained "practice management" (results and plans and submissions)
- Race Points on January 31: 15 (15 stories out).

January was a strong month. It was my first 10K new word month since August 2008, and there was a healthy dollop of revision as well. I wrote 75% of the days, which is not bad after the low production months of November and December.

I might not have been happy with the generated stories, but they can be reworked or rewritten. What's important is that I'm getting some forward motion going again and earning some momentum. And, I have the submit train in action as well. These are all good things.

The VP Oath can be summarized as "Write. Finish. Revise. Submit. Repeat." Heinlein's Rules eliminate the whole revision thing, and add in "Keep It Submitted." I've heard from several people that near-psychotic persistence is a big key to any form of success in this field. No matter what, it all adds up to the same thing: Keep Moving Forward.

February Plans
- A Thing A Week: four Things total, mostly revisions.
- Send 2 stories out for critique
- Get 1 stories critiqued
- Critique 7+ stories (3 for SacSpecFic, 4+ for Critters)
- Submit 2 new stories
- Race Points: increase by the end of the month

If I'm going to keep going at the A Thing A Week pace, I need to make more time. Revisions are taking longer than I thought they might, but if I could have done some writing every day I bet I would have made schedule.

It's interesting, because I can feel my mind shifting with the current A Thing A Week emphasis on revising stories. New ideas aren't coming as easily, but new words in the old context are coming instead. It will be fun to watch where this approach takes me.

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