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TV Comment:: LOST, season 5, episode 4

Season 5, Episode 4
"The Little Prince"

Things we should be learning this episode: who sent the lawyers, what's happening to Charlotte, what Sun's plans are. This is just going to be my notes on watching the episode in real-time.

I'm using my "Quantum Leap" terminology and saying that those on the island (the Islanders) are "jumping" through time. It's easier that way.

So it was Kate's idea to say Aaron was hers. And Jack asks Kate to help with the lie.

Well, well, well - Sun has been tailing Jack/Ben. Did the gun *need* to be in a candy box?

So when she passed out, did Charlotte's consciousness go into the past like Desmond? And who is Charlotte's constant? The "who are you?" comment makes it sound like Charlotte could be going back into her own past.

The hot theory is that the lawyers were sent by Ben in order to get Kate to go back to the island.

"The only side he's on is his own" - that's a very good comment about Ben.

Who doesn't look before they shoot? A bad hired gun, that's who. Luckily, the dart gun was a four-shooter. You really have to feel for these hired guns. They get told "Just go shoot this guy with a tranquilizer dart" and they get choked, or darted, or tossed onto knives. Crappy job. Poor retirement benefits as well, I imagine.

See I think that someone is "playing" all of the Oceanic 6 with the tranquilizer stuff and trying to get Aaron and what not. It might be Sun. It might be Ben.

What is the white light? Is it the light from when Locke was looking through the hatch window and the light went on. Look, it's Claire! We remember this scene, from the first season. That answers the question of whether the jumping Islandies can travel to a time when they were on the island. It seems like that jump was primarily for the purpose of showing that fact to the audience.

I stand by my assertion that eventually the Islanders (those jumping through time) will jump back to the arrival of the Black Rock, and that Richard and/or Widmore will be on that boat.

I worry that the "weird voices" are actually the Islanders instead of the Others speaking in a strange language. That would be a bummer.

Here's the camp - but *when* is the camp? Post Dharma beer cans. So whose outrigger is that? Who is chasing the Islanders? The whole purpose of that jump was to have someone chasing the Islanders. It's surely some form of Others.

Another theory: Charlotte and Miles were on the island before. As kids. Miles is Pierre Chang's son. Charlotte is .. I don't know.

Learned: Claire's mom hired the lawyers. How underwhelming. Who told Claire's mom? The list of candidates is endless. Ben. Sun. Claire's ghost. Jack. Jacob. Locke. Walt. Christian Sheperd's ghost. Oh wait, she doesn't know anything. Well, that was weird and it doesn't make any sense. Unless it was to show us that *Ben* hired the lawyer.

"I can fix this" - Oh, Jack, there you go again!

When are they now? They are at the time when Rousseau's boat crashed! Or so I think, based on the French people. But more importantly, we have learned that Jin survived the freighter explosion (anyone surprised at that?), somehow got inside the radius, and has been jumping along with the Islanders ever since.

But here's a question: If Jin gets in that octagonal boat of French folks, and then there's a jump, does he end up floating in the water? In the end, we'll never know. Actually, we do know because the watch and the outrigger canoe have travelled along with the jumping Islanders. But what if someone was holding a person? Or what if Jin was touching the octagonal raft - would he take it along and leave the others in the water?

One of these days, Kate's going to learn that Jack is really lousy at the whole "open communication" thing.

Well, well, it was Ben who hired the lawyers. And Sun sees what they're up to. And is going to try to kill Ben.

Meanwhile in the past it *is* Rousseau. Pregnant with Alex. And Montand still has his arm.

Boy, next week's preview sure gave away some serious spoilers (like Ben knows Jin is alive, and that Locke is in a hole when a jump happens).

Summary: Well, that was some serious LOST-y fun. And we got some useful and pleasing information. Of course, it took jerking the characters around through time for this to happen. But one thing the "jumping through time" aspect lets the show do is wrap up a lot of loose ends. Or at least do some more reveals of information and scenes that were previously only hinted at or mentioned in passing. The 16-episode-a-season pace is keeping things moving along at a quick clip, and I'm liking this pace a lot.
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