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february is the crazy month for math contests

I coach the Math Contest club at the middle school where E used to go (Churchill MS). I also volunteer with the district in various math contest-related ways. February is when just about everything happens:

- The MathCounts regional contest is February 28, and we're in the midst of the final school competitions that will help us pick the team to go to the Regional. Churchill has been first or second at Regional, and thus gone to State, every year I've coached (and many years before then). This year will be tough, as a band trip to Disneyland coincides with the Regional. It makes team decisions that much tougher.

- I'm taking four kids down to Palo Alto this Saturday for another math contest. I originally decided to do this because three of the four kids who I thought would be the MathCounts team were going on the band trip, and I wanted them to have a chance to compete together as a team. Now, less kids might go on the band trip. But we're still going to the Palo Alto contest. Because it's fun! (really, it is)

- In about three weeks, we have the Math League contest. I'm running the contest at Churchill and at my local elementary school. That's about 90 kids taking the contest at each school, which means a *lot* of tests to score. Luckily, I always have help, though I have scored over 180 tests by myself some years. Very tiring.

- The Math Contest club is doing MOEMS and there's one contest left, and scores to enter online and what not. We're also doing a Math Counts challenge and scores need to be sent in very soon for that.

- I'm also working with the school district to look at hosting a middle school math contest later in the year. I'm behind on this one, and the budget problems in the district might mean it can't happen, but I want to give it a shot.

February is busy for the math contests, it is. But I enjoy doing them, and the kids seem to get a lot out of it. And that's what it's all about.
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