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a day at the math contest

- Up at 5am, shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, clean out the car.
- Students arrive between 6:05 and 6:20, by 6:25 we're on the road!
- Arrive in Palo Alto about 8:30. Yes, it went fast. No, there was no traffic.
- Register, hang out a bit and play card games.
- Kids do the contest between 9:30 and 1:30, while I grade and eat lunch and chat with the people who run the contest.
- Awards at 1:30 and we're done by 2.
- A quick stop at Classico Gelato for tasty treats and we're on the road!
- Arrive in Sacramento at 4:30, students' parents are there and they head home
- I go inside to relax and chat with C, eat leftover chinese food, have a glass of wine, watch Office and Earl from Thursday before E and A get back home from Mom's.

It was a hard contest for the kids, probably about as difficult as State MathCounts would be and definitely more difficult than Regional MathCounts will be. Also, the Bay Area is one of the hotbeds of math competition and the students there perform at a very high level. Hopefully, my students enjoyed the trip and had fun even if we didn't place very high.

Now I'm hanging out on the couch and I'm pretty beat, after poking around on the web and reading math contest related things. I should do some writing or maybe some more math contest investigation, as I want to try to get more local students involved in things like ARML and MathCounts and contests in general.

I wish I was independently wealthy and could do this stuff as my "job" as even though it's tiring I really enjoy it! But I tell you what - I'm sleeping in tomorrow.
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