jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

Honorable Mention in WOTF!

I received a nice package in the mail the other day - my story submission for WOTF, complete with an Honorable Mention certificate!

This is the story that I *thought* I submitted for Q4 2008 (which ended Sept 30, 2008), but due to a post office mixup it didn't get postmarked until October 2008 and thus became a Q1 2009 entry. Lesson to be learned: mail things earlier than the last day.

That makes four Honorable Mentions in a row! And while I'm very pleased at the consistency, I also think it's time to do my best to take it up a notch. My Q2 2009 entry is already at WOTF (a side effect of the above mailing mixup, but with my approval). So I have until end of June to write something that is stronger, deeper, better.

And you better believe I won't wait until the last day to mail it.
Tags: wotf

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