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Any leads on Technical Writer jobs in Portland, or even remote? (for a friend)

A friend of mine is being laid off from his Technical Writer job at Qualcomm in Portland, and is looking for new work.

He's got a lot of experience in the field, as evidenced by his resume, which has links to samples (URL available on request). He also has experience working remotely

I can vouch for him and say he's a really good guy: bright, funny, diligent. We've never professionally worked together but have collaborated on personal projects and I can easily see how he'd be a great person to work with in the office.

If anyone has any leads or directions I can point him towards, let me know. Or let him know (his email is on the resume). And thanks in advance for any help that is offered!

ETA: I realized I shouldn't post the link to his resume without his express permission. So if you're interested in the link, let me know and I'll check with him.
Tags: economics, work

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