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09 February 2009 @ 09:56 pm
read a story a day: Feb 2 - 9, 2009  
Monday Feb 2 - Sunday Feb 8, 2009
Total: 5 stories (3 Flash, 0 for crit groups, 0 in graphic novel)
Top Favorites:
Stories Read:
"Love the Tattoo" by Leith Daniel, Andromeda Spaceways Interflight Magazine (ASIM) #37
"Failed Experiments from the Frontier: The Pumpkin" by Paul Haines, ASIM #37
"Mexico Delivered At Your Door" by Kristine Duffey, Weird Tales Spam Fiction Contest
"Boy Eats Fried Rat, Pictures" by Eric Grissom, Weird Tales Spam Fiction Contest
"Let Yourself Look Spiny" by Richard Howard, Weird Tales Spam Fiction Contest

I read some stories from ASIM and Weird Tales Spam Flash Fiction (which I realized I'd never actually read) at the beginning of the week, then all of a sudden the week was over. What happened?

Though I enjoyed everything I read, nothing really struck my fancy as a favorite. "Spiny" was a rather interesting story but I felt it ended too soon.