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A Thing A Week: update

Last week's Thing, a revision of the story "Faraway, In Her Eyes" was finished on Monday (one day late) and sent to SacSpecFic for tonight's critique session.

There was a good response to the concept of the story, the mood of the story, and the writing itself, but much confusion around flow of events and a feeling that the character should be more active. I agree with both the last points and will clean those up in the next round.

This week's Thing, already in progress, is a revision of the story "We The Hunters, We The Hunted". I should be done with it tomorrow night and can then mail both stories out to the Norwescon writing workshop.

The next three Things are, in some order:
- revise "The Straw That Shines Like The Sun" and send it out;
- revise "The Fishing Trip" and send it out;
- revise "Giant Panda" and send it to SacSpecFic for March.

We're getting into the core of Thing A Week here, with some big stories that have sat on the desk far too long.
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