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TV Comment: LOST, season 5, episode 5

Season 5, Episode 5
"This Place is Death"

I hear that Smokey is in this episode. I somehow doubt it, as I heard a rumor that Smokey got arrested for DUI back during Season 4. Which explains why Smokey hasn't been seen since then :-)

Woah - sounds like Sun is planning on kidnapping Aaron ("I met a new friend for you"). I think the pictures and gun probably came from Widmore. I'm thinking that leaving Aaron in the car might be a bad idea? Guess not, unless Kate getting Aaron is a bad thing.

Jin and the French crew are standing on LOST Beach. And I will state that I have stood in the exact spot where Jin is standing and seen that exact view (including those exact bumpy rocks).

"Submarine" - ha, ha. Montand, I would not recommend going towards the radio signal if you want to keep your arm. Jin is a little freaked out because he knows what's going to happen to the French folks, and to Montand. Of course, Montand c'est un chauvinist, so perhaps the arm-taking is for the best.

Smokey's back! Guess that DUI didn't stick. And now we know how Montand loses his arm. See, the trouble with this scene is that in the future Danielle should remember Jin. I'm sure the LOST maniacs are checking the old Rousseau episodes to see if there is any hint of recognition. Interesting that Danielle didn't notice the skipping effect that Jin noticed.

Where is Jin? There's things on the beach - wreckage from the French folks, and people dead from the illness that Danielle said took the members of her party. "Disease" being shorthand for "Danielle going crazy and killing everyone." As I said before, time travel is also being used to clean up some loose ends.

"The smoke monster guards the temple". That's an interesting statement.

Oh yeah, Charlotte speaks Korean.

The funny thing about this whole situation is that there is still some sort of time gap between events in Los Angeles and whatever is happening on the island. Eventually, the island will stop skipping and "land". I'm assuming that when the island "lands" it will be in or near the same timeframe as the Oceanic 6. How convenient.

Well, that speech of Charlotte's, about this place being death, was suitably creepy. One has to wonder if Charlotte is moving through her own timeline (a la Desmond in "Flashes Behind Your Eyes"). Charlotte also seems to know a heck of a lot more than others about what's going on here (like "the well"). Of course, that could be explained by her being on the island before. And it is. And she was.

Ben's got a little bit of a complex here about whether what he's doing is appreciated by everyone.

Well, well, well - Daniel in the past told little Charlotte to leave and never come back. Too bad she didn't remember. That speech of Charlotte's was a little expository. I'm wondering if it was originally meant to be a whole episode all by itself - perhaps a "Charlotte flashback" episode that was shelved when the writers strike occurred and the end game was accelerated. In general, the deeper story of Charlotte is something that I think was also lost when things shifted around.

Sure John promised, but *what* did he promise? I'm betting its to not bring the baby back. Oh wait, he really did promise not to convince Sun to come back. "I'll be back as soon as I can", that's a funny statement.

So the rope stayed with Sawyer. That's interesting, and holds with the earlier theory that the Islandies can carry things with them through the time skips (as seen with the compass). But what will now happen with Charlotte's body? Perhaps this relates to Adam and Eve, the bodies in the cave.

Jacob, as embodied by Christian Shepard, apparently doesn't like Ben very much. Likes Locke a lot more.

And Sun joins the "go back to the island" express. Ms. Hawking looks suitably creepy. So do they all have to go back or not?

Overall Thoughts: The episode moved things along, both on the island and off, and we're drawing closer to the day the Oceanic 6 goes back to the island. But the original statement from last season about how everything got really terrible for the folks left on the island seems to dwarf the reality of what actually happened. Yes, the island is moving through time and yes, everyone is getting affected by this movement with Charlotte being the first casualty. I always got the impression it was a lot worse and a lot more drawn out that what we have seen happen so far.

The primary narrative purpose of having the island hop through time seems to be creating the ability to revisit events previously hinted at in past episodes (Danielle's team) or to draw some connections (Widmore having been an Other). And if the island hopping through time is over (as hinted at by Locke's "fixing" the wheel) then what can the rest of the season be? Will getting back to the island be easy (in the preview, Ms. Hawking mentioned "windows") or hard (plane crash and proper heading required).

And what about the Black Rock, anyway? I was sure we were going to see the Black Rock while the island skipped through time. And what is the importance of the "70 hours" mentioned by Ms. Hawking? Why the time limit.

Next week will surely reveal more and ask more. I wonder how soon the Oceanic 6 will end up on the island, anyway. I assume the outriggers will be involved at some point.

Summary: A solid LOST-y episode that moves the plot along and gives us details on some series background. But yet I feel like things are almost too quick and too "easy" and I’m not sure what the rest of the season will involve if the Oceanic 6 get back to the island real soon.
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