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tweets for the day

(Posted here for reference. At twitter, I'm "yeff")

  • 23:20 watching LOST #
  • 00:43 done watching LOST, done posting about LOST, going to bed. #
  • 09:37 @jelundberg You have the *best* sounding meals! #
  • 09:46 @matociquala mmm ... Ethiopian food ... everyone's meals are excellent today. #
  • 09:47 @jay_lake I recognize that airport! Been through it quite a few times myself, between day job and cons. #
  • 09:47 a few minutes of Intertube noodling, and now it's back to work documents. #
  • 10:05 @deepeight It's a chance to begin again, in a golden land of opportunity and adventure. #
  • 16:50 Austen+zombies=FTW! #
  • 17:01 wondering how the heck I make a plain old post on Facebook. #
  • 21:08 back from climbing, and I did some MASSIVE redrafting on "We The Hunters, We The Hunted" while there... #
  • 21:19 As for the Facebook thing, the "Note" was what I wanted. My 15-year-old daughter showed me. I am officially OLD. #
  • 21:19 @egriffith Next time we're all together, it will SO be "Kenny Rogers Karaoke" for you! #
  • 21:31 vanilla tea latte at coffee place: $3.50. homemade vanilla tea latte: $0.32. And it's just as good! #
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