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well, this is pretty amazingly cool - "Apologies" podcast is getting People's Choice votes!

marshaldillon pointed out that, over at Drabblecast, the podcast of "Apologies All Around" is doing well in the end of the year "People's Choice" voting.

The five nominated podcasts are:
- "Synesthesia" by J. Alan Pierce (Drabblecast 92)
- "Sing" by Kristine Kathryn Rusch (Drabblecast 53)
- "Floating Over Time" by Robert Reed (Drabblecast 83)
- "Sarah's Window" by Janni Lee Simner (Drabblecast 99)
- "Apologies All Around" by Jeff Soesbe (Drabblecast 76)

If you feel so inclined, give em all a listen at the links above and vote for your favorite (you have to register with the forums before you can vote).

If it's me, cool. If it's not me, cool. I'm just amazed to even be in the running!

And much much thanks for marshaldillon for pointing this out. I didn't even know!
Tags: apologies all around, cool, podcast

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