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TV Comment: BSG, season 4, episodes 14-16

Catching up on BSG here.

_Battlestar Galactica_
Season 5, Episode 14
"A Disquiet Follows My Soul"

"pain's successor / When the soul has suffered all it can"

I would have thought Doc would have smoked all the cigarettes by now!

I think that Nurse Ishay is going to be trouble. Wrong.

Felix Gaeta is *not* a happy man, and *not* happy about the Cylons. He's going way way negative.

Zarek and Adama are not getting along, and the Cylon/Human coalition is going to have some rough road.

A Cylon seat at the quorum! That will probably never happen.

So who really is the father of Callie's baby? I'm guessing ... Baltar. Wrong. It's Hotdog. That's convenient, from the "Cylon-Human Offspring" point of view

Relationships, old and new, and their current fate, is a theme of this episode: Callie/Chief; Roslin/Adama; Gaeta/Starbuck;

Laura Roslin has something up her sleeve, beyond just letting herself die (no pills, no diloxin). Maybe it's just actively trying to kill herself.

Sides are being chosen: Gaeta and Zarek on one side, Roslin/Adama on the other.

This felt like a set-up episode, for whatever is coming next.

Wow, we haven't seen Baltar and the worshippers in a while. Wonder which side he will join?

Tom Zarek, meet Rod Blagojevich. I don't know why I typed that.

"between you and *me*", Tom. It's "between you and *me*"

Can't say I'm surprised by that development (Gaeta/Zarek) or by that one (Adama/Roslin getting busy!).

(Someone said it was good to watch the webisodes before this episode, so that's what I'm going to do)

_Battlestar Galactica_
Season 4 Webisodes
"The Face of the Enemy"

Gaeta has a boyfriend! Who knew?

So Gaeta, two Boomers, and some redshirts are stranded. Let's see if we can guess who survives this. Mmmmaybe Gaeta? Maybe a Boomer.

I guess Gaeta and a Boomer had a thing back on New Caprica.

They jettisoned her in her flight suit.

Gee, I wonder who did that (shot people with Gaeta's morpha), given that they showed Boomer carefully watching Gaeta shoot up with the morpha.

Eww-yukky scene with the palm cutting and the cable insertion.

Hmmm, so Gaeta goes both ways.

I tell you this now: the Boomer is the one who has been killing people, in some odd attempt to get back together with Gaeta. I'm thinking that's pretty obvious.

More ewwwww, with the throat-slitting.

I must admit I'm not quite sure why the Boomer went all crazy, and what exactly happened with Gaeta and the Boomers on New Caprica.

We did get to hear what Baltar said to Gaeta, though, about "your Eight"

_Battlestar Galactica_
Season 4, Episode 15
"The Oath"

Saul doesn't seem too thrilled about Adama and Roslin.

I have this funny feeling that Gaeta isn't going to survive this episode.

Gaeta lets Zarek escape.

Gotta like Tigh's "no nonsense" attitude ("when you're ready to stop playing chicken, let me know")

Been wondering what he's been up to, Anders. Apparently, he isn't going to be up to much for a while.

Gaeta is playing Admiral Adama, and Lee.

Starbuck to the rescue is pretty fraking frightening, in an awesome way. "I've got all day."

This is a big mess, all over the ship.

Starbuck has some issues going on here, about a lot of things. Can't say I really blame her.

Now everyone knows about Adama and Roslin.

In some sense, this is the original "group" of big BSG characters together here in the secondary storage airlock.

You just know they're going to end with Adama and Tigh facing people coming in through, and with someone threatening to shoot down the raptor. And we almost got that far.

_Battlestar Galactica_
Season 4, Episode 16
"Blood on the Scales"

Somehow, with a title like "Blood on the Scales", I don't think one is going to be baskets full of puppydogs holding lollipops.

Alas, Tigh and Adams didn't hold out very long. Luckily the pilot (Hotdog) wouldn't shoot and Boomer is a good pilot.

So far, Gaeta is having difficulty dealing with the maneuvers of Adama and the Cylons.

Lee and Starbuck were very very close to Zarek. One must wonder what his life expectancy is, especially given he's ready to move on (ie, execute people).

Romo Lampkin? That's an interesting cameo. Have him handle the defense, sure why not? At least as much of a defense as it means when Zarek is the judge and jury (and executioner).

Zarek's support on the Quorum is wavering, apparently things are not going as he planned. So he takes care of it, the old-fashioned way. Tom Zarek, despot. Definitely not going to last much longer. One has to wonder what his motivations are for this, because these are pretty extreme actions especially for a character who was built up to be the people's hero earlier in the series.

One wonders about Chief's mission here, and where he is going to end up. Because he's on some sort of mission. Alas, the mission ended at a locker

Starbuck and Lee, wreaking havoc. Alas, Anders is caught in the middle, got shot, and his eyeballs went all white - Maybe he's seeing the future? Oh wait, wrong show.

The trial is, of course, not a trial. I wonder if Gaeta is the one who is going to turn on Zarek. These two aren't getting along very well.

Now Baltar is getting some guilt. Gaeta is having second thoughts? I have a feeling that the "execution" is going to be of Zarek? No, the commando squad stopped them in time.

Having Roslin pissed off at you is not a good thing.

Oh, I get it. Tyrol is going to take the jump off line, one way or another. He did.

And Gaeta turns against Zarek. IN the end, that's not a big surprise as I expected it to happen sooner or later.

What the frak was Tyrol looking at?

Baltar and Gaeta, hanging out, smoking cigars, talking about Gaeta's life.

And that's the end of Gaeta and Zarek.

So where do we go from here? The rebellion has been put down, the Human/Cylon alliance continues. But where does it go? In search of a home? Or more likely, in search of the truth about what happened on Earth and about what everything means. From the preview, looks like Ellen Tigh is coming back and she has answers.

Summary: Overall, a bleak run of episodes around the rebellion. Now the series will finish up and (maybe) answer some of the questions about what happened in the past and what, if any, future there is for this world of characters.
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