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Movie Comment: _Hotel For Dogs_

_Hotel For Dogs_. But that's not speculative fiction, you say?

Well, given that the movie focuses on the existence (in LA or NY, the big city is never stated) of a large abandoned hotel that's full of valuable stuff, and not occupied by squatters, or stripped to the floor studs, or both, I'd say that's pretty speculative.

In addition, the resolution of the movie depends on the willingness of big city people to donate enough money to upgrade and support a Hotel For Dogs. Well, we're definitely in an alternate universe here.

And don't forget the Rube-Goldberg-esque inventions that enable the kids to care for many, many dogs.

But the movie featured lots of appealing canines of all breeds and sizes, several kids that weren't too overbearing, and of course had a happy ending for all concerned. A pronounced it a big thumbs-up. And that's all that matters!
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