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TV Comment: LOST, season 5, episode 6

Season 5, Episode 6

Supposedly, this episode and next week's episode "The Life And Death Of Jeremy Bentham" were switched in order. So we'll see if the order matters. Given last week's events, one assumes this week deals with the Oceanic 6 trying to get back while the next episode deals with Locke getting off the island.

And they just told us in the pop-up subtitles for last week's episode that Ms. Eloise Hawking *is* Faraday's mother. I guess we'll find out this week why they *don't* need all the Oceanic 6, or at least why Ms. Hawking isn't all bent out of shape about all the Oceanic 6 not being there..

Another eye-opening for Jack, who is on the island in his suit and surely this is the "end" of getting back to the island, and the rest of this episode will lead up to this point.

I don't think I've been to that particular pool, which is certainly on Oahu.

What would be really nasty on the part of the writers would be to just skip the entire "how they got to the island" scenes and just start with them on the island. But that would be just too mean. And where's Sun, and Sayid, and Aaron? And Hurley joined the party after all.

It's funny how a scene header like "46 hours earlier" has become de riguer for this show and no one really bats an eye any more. That shows how much the whole "time travel" concept has become ingrained into the show, starting with the Season 1 "flashbacks", which were quite surprising for their time.

The Lamppost. How Dharma found the island. Very interesting statement. The floor reminds me of the map in the old hatch.

This is a big explanation episode. The island is always moving. In space and in time. Ajira Airways (remember the water bottle in the outrigger?). As many people as before.

I'm good with the "unique pockets of electromagnetic energy connected to each other". I'm good with the island currently moving through time. I'm not so good with the island *always* moving through time and space because we've seen no evidence of that on the series so far (at least until Ben turned the wheel). People could submarine to the island, the sun angle stayed consistent, the weather stayed consistent.

So Locke is going to be the "dead body proxy" for Christian Shephard.

I do like that people are asking questions about Ms. Hawking and why she knows so much. Not getting answers, but asking questions.

Who the hell is this guy at the retirement home? Did I just walk into a new show? Grand Dad? This is soooo out of the blue, and apparently was done just so Jack could a) talk to someone about going away, and b) get something that belonged to Christian. Really clumsy writing. Million other ways to do that, there were.

And the "Jack and Kate never tell each other anything show" continues. That Jack/Kate scene was was weird, too. I guess someone told Kate about the airport.

And what happened to Ben? Looks like he got into a fight with a tiger.

And what's going to go wrong at the butchers? Nothing, except for Jack not reading the note, because the note probably says something important.

Sayid is in custody, like Kate was. I'll bet Sayid's situation has something to do with Ben's injuries.

Hurley reads "Y: the Last Man"! That's a call out to Brian K Vaughn.

They are the only six people on this plane, aren't they. They, and Ben. And all the other people. One has to wonder about that. But will Ben be allowed to come back?

Ha, Ha, Frank Lipitas! We're going to get a massive "oh, crap" look on Frank's face in about five seconds. "We're not going to Guam, are we?"

So it's not a crash, but a jump. I get it. They were over the island when it jumped, so they went with the island. I guess. And indeed they did, because there's Jin!

So when Desmond turned the key and created an event, and when he didn't turn the key (when Kelvin died), were those also moments when the island moved through time? If not, then why did the plane get pulled from the sky versus whatever happened to the folks on the Ajira flight?

Summary: Well, what was supposed to happen, happened. And it happened a lot earlier in the fifth season that I thought it would. In fact, I might call a lot of this too easy except for the fact that the Islandies were heading towards death by "jumping". But in last season, I got the impression that what happened on the island was incredibly nasty.

Overall, though, the show is moving along at a fast clip. But now what? It seems like the only thing that can happen next is an all-out island battle.
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