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It's Math Contest Week!

This is the crazy Math Contest week for me.

Monday: no contests, but prepping for Math League and seeing if I can score a buzzer system somewhere. And sending out a bunch of math contest related email. And making some flyers/packets for competitions later in the week.

Tuesday: Math League competition at the local elementary school. I've been running the competition for many years. About 80-90 kids in 4th-6th grades usually participate. Luckily, I'm often able to scare up some help scoring contests.

Wednesday: Nothing during the day, but in the evening I'll be visiting the group based at UC Davis that's prepping for the ARML competition. I want to check it out so I can refer local high school kids to it.

Thursday: Math League competition at the middle school (maybe up to 90 kids in this one). Hopefully I'll have grading help with this one. Also, some final prep for the weekend competition.

Friday: No contests, but probably a lot of scoring of contests. There's also a low-key bouldering competition at the climbing place Friday night and A wants to go (partially because they have pizza afterwards). No math involved there.

Saturday: MathCounts regional competition at CSUS. The middle school team is going, and I'll also be helping the competition by running the Countdown contest.

It's definitely a week of numbers. After Saturday's contest, I'll hopefully make it down to Potlatch. Details as the week progresses.
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