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My 2009 Hugo Nominations

I just entered in my Hugo nominations. Here they are, for perusal, discussion, or derision.

My reading really tailed off about halfway through the year, so my nominations are really stilted towards work that appeared in the first half of 2008. I look forward to the full nominations, so I can discover things I missed.

Best Novel
No nominations

Best Novella
"The Room of Lost Souls" by Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Asimovs, Apr/May 2008

Best Novelette
"Pride and Prometheus" by John Kessel, F&SF, Jan 2008
"The Ray-Gun: A Love Story" by James Alan Gardner, Asimovs, Feb 2008
"The Egg Man" by Mary Rosenblum, Asimovs, Feb 2008
"Lester Young and the Jupiter's Moons' Blues" by Gord Sellar, Asimovs, July 2008

Best Short Story
"Obsidian Shards" by Aliette de Bodard, Writers of the Future 23
"The House Left Empty" by Robert Reed, Asimovs, Apr/May 2008
"26 Monkeys, Also The Abyss" by Kij Johnson, Asimovs, July 2008
"How I Got Here" by Ramsey Shehadeh, Weird Tales, July/August 2008

Best Related Book
No nominations

Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form:
The Dark Knight
Battlestar Galactica, Season 4.0
LOST, Season 4

Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form
LOST, "There's No Place Like Home"
LOST, "The Constant"
Battlestar Galactica, "Revelations"
Battlestar Galactica, "The Road Less Traveled"

Best Editor, Long Form
No nominations

Best Editor, Short Form:
Sheila Williams (Asimovs)
Gordon Van Gelder (F&SF)
Kelly Link and Gavin Grant (Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet)
Ann VanderMeer (Weird Tales)

Best Professional Artist
No nominations

Best Semi-ProZine:
Weird Tales
Flash Fiction Online
Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet
Shimmer Zine

Best FanZine
No nominations

Best Fan Writer
Jay Lake
Elizabeth Bear
SF Signal

Best Fan Artist
No nominations

Best Graphic Story
No nominations

Campbell Award
Aliette de Bodard
S. L. Gilbow
Mark Teppo
Chris Kastensmidt
Tony Pi

Overall thoughts

I know I didn't read any 2008 novels in 2008. I guess I also didn't read many novellas.

I say this now: "26 Monkeys, Also The Abyss" is my story of the year. All the stories above are ones I enjoyed and that I wish I had written. But "26 Monkeys" is my favorite. I hope it doesn't get criminally neglected like S.L. Gilbow's "Red Card" was last year.

For Editor, Short Form, those are the editors of the four magazines I read and consistently enjoyed. Similarly, my Semi-Prozine nominations are the magazines I read and consistently enjoyed.

If the fans of LOST or BSG could ever get their act together like the Doctor Who fans, I bet LOST and/or BSG could rule the Dramatic Presentation categories.

Fan Writer is an interesting category for me to think about, because I really want to nominate someone who is writing about SF and Fantasy. Jay and Bear do it a bit, mainly from the point of view of the writer and occasionally from the point of view of the fan. The Tor, SF Signal, and io9 sites are ones I really enjoy as a fan. Tor and SF Signal are more "SF" and io9 is more "sci-fi" but I like both those aspects. I don't remember individual writers at those sites to name a person, so I'm figuring I can just nominate the whole site. Probably won't work that way, but I'll give it a shot.

No, I didn't nominate John Scalzi. While his blog Whatever is one of my top personal blogs for reading, and I really get a kick out of his particular brand of snark, for the most part it's *not* about SF and Fantasy. His AMC column is a different story, so once there's a whole year of that I might give nominating him a second consideration.

For Campbell, it's five people from the eligibility list whose work I enjoy. Yes, two of them are from VPXI. But I honestly enjoy both Chris's and Mark's work. So there!

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