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well, it's looking like I'm going to miss Potlatch

Potlatch is literary, small, and low-key. It was the first convention I ever went to as a "serious" writer, and the first workshop session I had as such (and what a session - pros were Jay Lake and L. Timmel Duchamp, with special extra critique from Mary Rosenblum. Wow!)

Potlatch holds a fond place in my con-attending heart. And this year it's in San Jose, which is so very close!

Alas, complications have arisen. The MathCounts Regional contest is Saturday Feb 28. The team I coach is going, *and* I'm running the Countdown competition at the Regional, so I'm locked in to attending. I won't get out of there til around 2, which puts me in San Jose about 4:30-5 if I'm lucky. Which is after most of the panels and events (and the writing workshop).

It's a bit too much driving for "drive down Sat evening, hang for 4-5 hours, drive back Sat night". I also don't have a hotel room, *and* I don't have a ticket to Sunday brunch.

And, we didn't do the family birthday celebration last weekend (we were too tired after getting back from vacation) making this the weekend for that fun.

So it seems like a "no-go" situation. Bummer. To all who go, have a great time! I'll be thinking of you. Maybe next year I'll try RadCon instead. I hear that's much fun.
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