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25 February 2009 @ 11:48 pm
TV Comment: LOST, season 5, episode 7  
Season 5, Episode 7
"The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham"

Gee, I wonder what *this* episode is about? What could it be?

My opinion of the end of last week's episode is that they were caught in an island "jump" and pulled along for the ride. Which explained why Jin showed up driving a Dharma van and listening to hippie music (Geronimo Jackson, perhaps?)

Hey, wasn't that guy at the start of this episode on the plane with the Oceanic 6? (The one who Hurley told to fasten his seatbelt). And where is he, exactly? Wait, wasn't she on the plane too?

Well, there's the plane. There's Locke. Locke's alive! Well, well, well. There's two questions answered. And now we know why it's called "Death and Life".

John is in Tunisia, in the desert, with a compound fracture. And there's a camera. That's funny.

Well, well, that's guy. Mister Abbadon is back. So is Charles Widmore. Widmore was fooled into leaving the island by Benjamin.

So this scene is to tell us that Widmore is not as bad as we all have been led to believe he is. "There's a war coming". Ben said that, a long time ago. We should recall that it was Widmore's people that killed whole groups of socks, along with Rousseau, Karl, and Alex. Good for Locke for bringing that up, even if Widmore doesn't answer.

Doesn't Locke remember Abbadon from when Locke was in the hospital? Abbadon pushed Locke around and said he was special.

Sayid is in Santo Domingo? This must before after he did the killing and before he came to get Hurley.

Walt! This is the scene referred to when Walt went to see Hurley. Walt's got a snack food commercial to do.

Ben is not happy about this development, Locke and Abbadon hanging out.

How about Hurley? That didn't work.

Good that Abbadon brought up his previous meeting with Locke. And that Locke remembered.

Kate's a no, too.

Helen's dead. Abbadon, too. Locke, almost. Who shot Abbadon? I'd guess Ben.

Oh look, it's Jack! Drug-addicted Jack. Who is another big no.

I guess Locke never talked to Sun.

Of all the people to walk in on Locke trying to kill himself, it's Ben. Remember that Ben said he didn't know that Locke killed himself. I kind of think that Ben is going to hang Locke anyway, but I guess not.

What was that look of Ben when he found out that Jin is alive? What was that all about? Again that look, with the name Eloise Hawking. The same look. It must have been the "I'm going to kill you look", because that's what happened. But why? I'm not too sure here, because if Ben wanted Locke dead why not just let him hang himself? And then they fake a hanging. Weird.

So first the Oceanic 6 disappeared, *then* the plane crashed. "The people who got hurt". And one of those will be Ben. I guarantee it. I was right. Easy guess.

The interesting issue of next week's episode is that for the Oceanic 6 it's been three years, but for the Island-ies it's been a matter of days. That and who's under the hood? Libby?

You know what this whole thing is *really* about? The island needed more socks. Ha ha ha.

Summary: Overall, I was a little underwhelmed by this episode. Most everything that happened was something we already knew happened - Locke went back to all the Oceanic 6 and they wouldn't go back to the island. The interesting aspects were Locke being alive on the island again (which everyone knew) and Ben being the one who killed Locke (for some reason we don't yet know). Not too sure what's going on with some of this stuff, but that's par for the course for LOST.

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marshaldillon: bad robotmarshaldillon on February 26th, 2009 03:48 pm (UTC)
This was a cleanup episode to tie up some loose ends and dribble some important information along the way, like explain more about the history of Widmore (Locke shouldn't trust him or Ben). I was actually enjoying a relaxing Locke episode with some review, and then all of a sudden, Ben freaks out and kills Locke. Like you said, why not just let him hang himself. Why did Locke's knowledge of Elowise set him off?
Dave Thompsonkrylyr on February 26th, 2009 06:31 pm (UTC)
My thinking is Ben didn't know how to get back to the island until John said something about Mrs. Hawking. Once Ben got that bit of intel, Sayanora, Johnny-Boy.
jeffsoesbe: lost lockejeffsoesbe on February 26th, 2009 07:17 pm (UTC)
That's a darned fine point there, and it actually underscores the point that it looked like Ben didn't know that Ms. Hawking was Faraday's mom.

It also works with the point that Locke is, in some sense, a rival to Ben for the island's "affections" and to be its leader.

Of course, Widmore also wants to be the leader on the island. But he seems more willing to cede some authority to Locke.

Or maybe they're both using Locke for their own means...