jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

teh sick has me in its hideous grip

I've acquired some sort of nasty vicious cold.

There's a cough, which hurls itself from my lungs, scrapes my wind passages on the way up and shakes my mouth as it exits.

There's a sneeze, and when I sneeze it feels like I'm infusing every cell of my body with miasma, which then leaks out my pores and creates a second skin of miasma and an hazy miasma cloud around my body.

There's some aching. My skin over my ribs aches. Where the back of my head meets my neck aches. Things that were injured in the past (right thumb, left index finger, sore hamstring) ache.

My creative mind has completely shut off. All I can do is stare at technical documents and occasionally work a math problem. No writing.

For me, it's soup and then a shower and then bed. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow when it's the last of the the three math contests, the Math Counts Regional, where I'm running the Countdown Round. I'm thinking I can Advil/Sudafed up for that, then crash in the afternoon.
Tags: sickness

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