jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

the math competition went better than expected

The middle school kids I coach went to the MathCounts Regional competition this morning.

Despite missing one student who was one of the top students (she is first or second in everything we've done this year), the four-person team finished second overall and thus advanced to the State MathCounts competition. In addition, a student competing only as an individual (and who is in just 6th grade) also advanced to State. He was 7th overall, a great achievement for a 6th grader.

Great job by the kids! I was pleasantly surprised.

I ran the Countdown competition for the top 16 individual scorers (4 of them my kids) and everyone had a great time. Countdown appears to be a winner and I'm sure we'll do it next year.

Alas, the State MathCounts competition has been moved and is now the last weekend in March. Which is the same day as the Regional Science Olympiad competition. Dang it! We'll see who of the five is going to Science Olympiad and see if I can somehow put together a team for State MathCounts.
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