jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

"Case of Killer Dog" rewrite is finished! (But wait, there's more!)

I'll take a quick editing pass on it tonight and then it's prepare the applications for Viable Paradise and OSC Bootcamp and off it goes tomorrow! I'm surprisingly calm, all things considered. I've heard from several respectable folks that it's a good story, so the question becomes is it good enough to get me in? The only way you find out is to send it out and see what happens. Supposedly you hear in mid-late June, so I can easily wait that long.

After this, it's back to "This Moment" in prep for a critique by Mary Rosenblum and then that will be submitted to Asimov's once I get judgement on "Apologies".

Also, "Owl, Cat, Cigarette" went out today to F&SF. In about two to three months, I'll hear what the fate will be.

Wow, I'm submitting stories! I'm filled with both fear and excitement. Now, once the rejections start coming back, well, we'll see how I feel then...
Tags: apologies all around, case of the killer dog, owl, specfic, this moment, writing

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