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[writing] February 2009 results; March 2009 plans

**** February 2009

Summary: Three Things done, but no new submissions went into the world. I did keep the rest of the submissions out so the count remained steady.

THINGS: "Breaking Through" (revised for Norwescon), "Faraway" (revised for SacSpec), "We The Hunters" (revised for Norwescon)
MONTH REVISE (3): "Breaking Through", "Faraway", "We The Hunters"
MONTH OUT FOR CRIT (1): "Faraway"
MONTH CRITIQUED (1): "Faraway" (at SacSpec)
MONTH CRITS I DO (3): 3 for SacSpec
MONTH SUBMIT (9, 0 new): 9 submissions went out, none of them were new stories.
MONTH SUBMIT RESULT (8, all no): 8 submission results, all of them "no"
OUTPUT: 20 days with writing; 827 new words; 10718 words revision credit
RACE COUNT: 16 (16 stories out)

This is the second month of trying to do "A Thing A Week". Sickness and Math Contest Week knocked output down towards the end of the month, but a decent amount still got done. Not much "brand new" writing in February, but a lot of revision of stories.

However, not enough stories going out. I did revision, but I'm not yet pleased with the state of the revised stories so the question is when do I let go of them. That's not something I can easily answer right now, as I think I'm still struggling with the things I want in the stories - depth of character, better "character on the page". The only answer is to keep working at it.

**** March 2009

The main plan is to keep on with A Thing A Week, and to get more stories out into the world. I have three stories slated for release this month, and hitting that plan would be awesome.
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