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still thinking about WATCHMEN

I saw WATCHMEN today, with some folks from work, as part of a group lunch-and-a-movie outing.

I'm a solid WATCHMEN fan, as someone who spent a lot of time poring over the comic when it first came out, and tearing it apart, and thinking about it, and loving it. I still regularly re-read some or all of the graphic novel, and still recognize the value and importance of the book.

The movie was interesting. It was extremely faithful to the graphic novel, but it also accentuated some aspects and clarified others. It was also rather brutal, and disturbing on some levels.

I'll post a lot more tomorrow, but one note I wanted to make is that WATCHMEN is an *adult* movie. It is not for kids. I'm not even sure I'd take a teenager. There's some crazy discussion around the web about how WATCHMEN is being marketed to kids. I don't think that's right, just someone's perception, but I did want to emphasize. WATCHMEN is *not* for kids.

More on the movie tomorrow.
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