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[writing] interesting bits of feedback from a submission

I submitted a story to an online magazine for consideration and today got back a "no", along with the feedback. What's interesting about the feedback is that they include a short comment from each person who read the story, and their vote.

In this case, all votes were "no" and the feedback boiled down to "The character knows something from the beginning of the story, and if the character instead realized this fact during the story the story would be more dramatic." I have gotten similar feedback on this story before, after a different submission and a "no".

Without going into details on the story, they're exactly right. But, if I changed the story to have the character realize the fact during the story then it would be a different story and not the story I intended to write. I also feel that following this approach makes the story more run-of-the-mill ("oh, this is one of those stories where X happens and we see those all the time").

So, I don't know what to think. Part of me says "Leave it the way it is, the feedback is valid but not relevant to this story." Part of me says "Change it." Part of me says "Write another story along the lines of the feedback."

But I also wonder if, by not changing the story, I'm going along the lines of being a Special Snowflake whose brilliant story is just not being recognized. I'm certainly not going to send the editors any sort of email acting like this ("no, *you* just don't get *my* story"), but is the resistance in my mind good or bad?

Thoughts from other writing folks?
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