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Playing footy in the park

No, not *that* kind of "footy".

"Footy" is Australian slang for Australian Rules Football, one of the greatest games ever. I discovered it 15+ years ago when I was living in the Bay Area and it was on ESPN at night. Footy combines running, jumping, catching and kicking - some of my favorite athletic activities. I've always wanted to learn to play but never found other folks interested in the game.

A month ago, a couple Aussie expats living in town found me through an old sports site, said they were looking for folks interested in learning to play, and asked if I wanted to join in. Hell yeah!

Our first practice was last night. We learned the basics of handballs and kicking and ran around a lot. It was an absolute blast, and I look forward to learning and paying much more.

For those who wonder what the game looks like at the top level in Australia, here's two videos (the casual group will *not* be playing this tough):

Aussie Rules Promo (from the AFL)

AFL Showcase

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