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TV Comment: LOST, season 5, episode 9 "Namaste"

Season 5, Episode 9

LOST was gone for a week, and oh how we missed it. But now it's back, and I bet this episode has something to do wit the Dharma project. Oh yeah, and the whole "Oceanic 6 are back on the island" thing as well. And some time travel issues.

Hmmm, that's interesting. No "Previously, on LOST". We just jump right into the plane crash of 316. But why? Maybe to show the crash from the "non-Oceanic 6" point of view.

"Is that a runway?" Great line, cause it refers waaaay back in LOST episode history.

The island did *not* take Sun. That's interesting. But it apparently *did* take Sayid. And it didn't take Ben. No surprise there.

So it has just been established that the main LOST island and the Hydra station island are separated in time. By 30 years. That's big, and puts a big barrier in front of a lot of things. This must have been the purpose of showing that scene on the plane. That, and showing that Sun didn't get pulled onto the island. But wait, how was Locke looking at LOST island when he awoke, a couple episodes ago?

Sun just mentioned Radzinsky. Remember Radzinsky? He was the pal of Kelvin Inman. He drew the map. He killed himself. In the scene, he was building a model of the Swan station. Which makes sense, because the Swan station is where he ends up. One must assume he is in the Swan Station during the Incident. Maybe we'll get to see Kelvin again? Find out why Radzinsky killed himself? Find out why Radzinsky edited the Swan Orientation film? Find out about him drawing the blast door map? So much to learn.

The Flight 316 people and Sun are on Hydra Station Island, because Cesar mentioned animal cages and buildings and a big island across the way. Ben knows a way back to LOST island, apparently. So the interesting question: how did LOST island get back? I wonder how long the show will hold back the answer to that question.

Yup, Amy and Horace's baby is Ethan Rom!

One has to wonder if sheer, raw, honesty would have worked for Sawyer with respect to Kate/Jack/Hurley: "Well, Horace, take a seat because here's what's going on."

Jack, in that outfit, leaning in from the back seat with the "Did you say Faraday? Faraday's here?" was just a really funny image to me. And what was with Sawyer's mention of Faraday not being around any more?

But what will Sun and Ben and Frank find when they go back to the main island? What indeed? And Ben won't be going to the main island right away. "I lied." Nice line from Sun. She's good with the cold as steel lines like that.

Jack gets the janitor job. Ha!

The appearance of Christian Shephard is rather intriguing, especially with his "Follow me" call. Nice camera and lighting work on the "they're in the past" scene with Sun. If Christian wants to help, that means the island wants to help.

Are we really bringing back the whole Sawyer-Kate-Jack dynamic? Can't they be done with that? Probably not.

And guess who brings Sayid a sandwich? Young Ben Linus.

Summary: Well dang it! Just when things get interesting, the episode ends. This one was really fun. There are a lot of things being set up, a lot of people moving into interesting positions, and a lot of possibilities being set up. How will Sun and Ben (and Frank?) get back to the past? What's going to happen to the people in the past? What, if anything, is on LOST island in the present? And when is the Incident coming? Not the Purge, because Ben's a lot older when that happens. But the Incident, when Pierre Chang loses his arm. One now has to assume that the presence of the LOSTies in the past is a major contributor to the Incident. BTW, why didn't the island take Sun into the past? Darned fun episode. This is such a wacky show. And there's still 8 episodes left!

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