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[writing, norwescon] My Norwescon 32 Schedule!

It's my first convention as an Invited Pro! Cool. I'm there Thursday through Saturday afternoon, as I'm zipping back home to spend Easter with C and the kids.

I have 5 panels (one which *I* am running), 4 sessions critiquing others' stories, 2 sessions where my stories are critiqued, and 2 parties. I will be busy.

Thursday, April 9

- 6:00 PM = Panel: I Just Sold My First Story
I share a panel with VPXI roomie markteppo! Come see Yeff and the BunnyMan babble on!

- Grab some dinner somewhere

- 8:00 PM = my story "We The Hunters, We The Hunted" gets critiqued by David Silas (M), James Glass, Jennifer Brozek, Gra Linnea

- 9PM = Small Press Party

- 11:00 PM = Panel: Science Fiction Spelling Bee
I'm running this! I'm planning to make it fun! Please come by!

Here's the program description: "Sure you know your science fiction words, but can you spell them? Straight from Putnam County , this game mixes difficult words, crazy definitions and off-the-wall sample sentences. Randomly chosen volunteers will have a chance at fun and prizes. Drop on in and see if you can win the Science Fiction Spelling Bee!"

- BarCon. I'm sure I'll need a drink after that day.

Friday, April 10

- Eat Breakfast

- 10:00 AM = Panel: Creating Emotion-Driven SF/F
I'll be the panelist who has no idea what he's doing.

- 11:00 AM = Panel: LOST
This panel, on the other hand, this panel I have down *cold*!

- Grab some lunch

- 2:00 PM = Panel: Early Computers
This should be a blast. I need to contact my co-panelist, and do some more research.

- 4:00 PM = Critique a story

- 5:00 PM = Critique a story

- 6:00 PM = My story "Breaking Through" is critqued by Erin Tidwell (M), John Pitts, Paul Melko, Jak Koke.

- Dinner, and maybe a beer.

- 9:00 PM = Norwescon 32 Pro Party
I get to hobnob with the bigwigs.

- 11:00 PM = My Reading
Here's my reading! Program description: "Various Shorts - Stories of Love: cars, cats and fairy tales - Rated PG". Really, the stories are very innocent. Only a couple oblique mentions of sex.

- BarCon. Another day after which I will need a nightcap.

Saturday, April 11

- Eat Breakfast

- 10:00 AM = Critique a story

- Noon = Critique a story

- 3PM = go to the airport!

And thus will end a very busy and very fun Norwescon!

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