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thoughts on the Hugo nominations

The Hugo nominations came out a few days ago, and here are my thoughts on the categories where I have thoughts.

- Best Novel: Wow. That's the 1927 New York Yankees "Murderer's Row" of authors and novels. One hell of a line-up. I'll be very interested to see how the vote breaks, but I expect it to be very close.

- Best Novelette: I didn't read any of these stories originally, so I have some reading ahead of me. But it's another powerful lineup of names.

- Best Novella: I'm glad to see that "The Ray-Gun: A Love Story" made it, as it was one of my nominations and a story I was worried would get overlooked. Yet another powerful lineup of people whose work I like. No easy choice here, either.

- Best Short Story: "26 Monkeys, Also The Abyss" was my favorite story of the year. I haven't read the other four nominations, but they have a high bar to get over to pass "26 Monkeys". Just letting them know.

- Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form: I lean towards WALL-E right now, but I haven't seen The Dark Knight (yes, that's right, I haven't) and I haven't heard METAtropolis so I withhold final judgment.

- Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form: Yay for LOST and BSG making the final ballot! They were two of my nominations, and it's about time these shows appeared in the Hugos. The Doctor Who contingent has powerful voting mojo, but a possible Doctor Who vote split could open the door for one of the other worthy contenders.

- Best Editor, Short Form: Sheesh, that's a tough choice there. All are good. And I can say no more as I'm a short form writer.

- Best Semi-Prozine: Bummer that LCRW didn't make it, but I can't really quibble with the other choices (several of whom I nominated). LOCUS is the perennial winner, but perhaps this year someone else can take it. I really don't understand why the Hugos would get rid of this category, as the number of magazines fitting this category is only going to grow. Perhaps it's time for a "Best Periodical" category? Of course, Asimovs, Analog and F&SF would rule a category like that.

- Campbell Award: Way cool that two of my nominees, along with someone who I nominated in another category, made the final ballot. Of course, it doesn't make a choice here very easy.

All in all, as many have said, a very strong slate. That's a good sign for the field of SF/F. It's certainly not getting any weaker.

Alas I won't be attending the Worldcon this year, no matter how much I'd like to go to Montreal. Best wishes and good luck to all the nominees!

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