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The applications are in the mail! (Viable Paradise, OSC Bootcamp)

This morning I sent out my applications for both Viable Paradise and OSC Bootcamp. I used the "Case of the Killer Dog" rewrite for both. VP wanted the whole thing, OSF Bootcamp wanted the first page. I fudged the first page so it was a full first page, about 300-400 words, and not a regular manuscript first page, ie about 100-150 words.

I would love to get into either one of these workshops. If I got into both (dream on), it would be a hard choice. Currently, I lean towards VP because of the writers involved (many stellar names including Cory Doctorow and Elizabeth Bear) but OSC Bootcamp is supposed to be really really good.

The dates could also affect the decision. OSC Bootcamp is mid-August, VP is beginning of October.

OSC Bootcamp lets applicants know mid-June, I don't know when VP lets applicants know. Until then, I wait. And continue writing. I'm currently deep into the rewrite of "This Moment". Hoping to finish this pass before the holiday weekend, then do one more full read and rewrite before sending it to Mary Rosenblum to critique.

Also, have to finish "Walls Of Stars Like Eyes" by Friday June 8. No problem. I hope.
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