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TV Comment: LOST, season 5, episode 10 "He's Our You"

Season 5, Episode 10
"He's Our You"

A new episode of LOST is always a very thrilling occasion. This one has the promise to be a doozy, because it's about Sayid. After some of the super-creepy from last week, let's see where it goes from there.

The question has always been: Why was Richard *not* clean-cut when he first met Ben? Just a random question, there.

We're obviously going to get a bunch of Sayid history here, including why he was killing people, why he quit working with Ben, why he got on the plane (Ajira 316), and why he was in custody. At least, that what I'm assuming we're going to get.

Obviously young Sayid there, learning to kill chickens. Whoops, it was actually young Sayid who *already* knew how to kill chickens.

Certainly old Ben would recall helping young Sayid. Even someone with as cheese-holed a memory of youth as me would remember something like that. It would be interesting to go back to the first Sayid/Ben meeting and see if there's any hint of recognition from Ben. If so, that's some serious long term dramatic planning.

They don't even bother playing the "LOST Flashback Woosh" any more. The audience just knows it's a flashback. The Russian guy Sayid killed looks really familiar, but I might be confusing him with someone from another show.

Nice hat, Ben.

Sounds like Horace is ready to get nasty on Sayid. Sayid is also ready to take it. I guess he doesn't trust Sawyer's plans.

The dynamic that's being set up here is Kate/Jack against Juliet/Sawyer. Interesting.

And Sawyer feels a little bit of pity for Ben Linus, because of how Ben's dad treats him. Just about the last thing he wants to feel.

Ben is such a manipulator. He kills Locke, and then tells Sayid that the other people did it. He sets up Sayid to kill the man in the sedan outside the mental institution.

Remember that Sayid tortured Sawyer a long time ago, when they wanted to know where the asthma drugs were. We have to wonder if there's some sort of payback aspect to this. One would think not, but it *is* Sawyer.

Hey, it's William Sanderson! Cool. He makes a good creepy torturer. But, since these are 1970s hippies, their idea of "creepy torture" is to give him drugs.

It's Alanna, and here we go with how Sayid gets into custody. My guess is that she's going to bring him back to somewhere for trial for killing. I seem to think that MacCutcheon was Widmore's scotch?

Sayid's confession is going to completely freak out all the 1970s-era Dharma people. It was very convenient how his confession also managed to not reveal anything about Sawyer and the other LOSTies.

Radzinsky is going to call "Ann Arbor"? What's in Ann Arbor? Could it be the original Dharma founders (whose names I can't recall right now)?

Sayid obviously believes it's his destiny to die on the island, probably to atone for all he's done.

Who is getting Sayid out? I bet it's Young Ben. And Sayid will take Young Ben to the Others? And that's why Sayid is back on the island? This doesn't sound good.

Holy frak! Sawyer shot Young Ben! What does this mean?

Summary: Well, this episode felt a little slow, actually, and a like it wasn't living up to the hard and fast pace of the last few episodes. The flashbacks filled in some of Sayid's history, but it was mostly things one could have guessed (I had previously guessed Alanna was some sort of cop taking Sayid to Guam for trial). We did get everything I thought we'd get, so that's nice.

But that ending was something! In one sense, I could see it coming because how could Sayid not kill Ben knowing ho he feels about Ben. But how do we get out of this? However, as has been said before "Whatever happened, happened". So it always happened that Sayid shot Ben, and obviously Ben recovers. Thus, this is a little bit of a dramatic red herring.

Overall, a decent episode. A little slow, but compared to the last few it's understandable. I'm more interested in seeing where we go from here and resolve what might appear to be a contradiction (Ben is dead).

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