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life with the macbook

Because the old PC was being less and less usable, and because the PC was back in the office and thus causing "homework" doing to be more about net-noodling and less about homework, we got a MacBook so that homework can be done in the family room.

It's a very nifty little computer. The cheapest one, white shell, small screen. Lightweight, and I like the keyboard. Life with the MacBook has been interesting, from the get-go.

- The Apple Store is a strange and quirky place. I walked in, and knew what I wanted to buy. But where's the cash register? Turns out there is no cash register, instead you find the person with the clipboard and make an appointment. To buy something. To give them money. Weird.

I will say that once I had the person to help me (waited about 10-15 minutes for this to happen), he was very nice and extremely helpful. But the wait was funny.

- I like typing on the MacBook, and I can see how it would make a great writing machine. But the touchpad is odd. It doesn't always respond to my fingers. And, it feels really slick. Too slick. No one else has problems with it, so it must be me.

- Mac OS X makes it virtually impossible to be an authoritarian. I like to turn off the wireless so that homework doers aren't tempted by the Internet. So I turned off AirPort and made sure you needed a password to turn it back on. However, all an enterprising young student has to do is go through the Network Troubleshooter and it will turn wireless back on. Without a password.

I could try making Safari a non-allowed app. I've done that before. But, it turns out that an enterprising young student just has to go to the Desktop Widgets and type something in the mini-network searcher. Up pops Safari!

Darn those freedom-loving Apple designers! At least my kids are learning problem-solving skills.
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