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the weekend that was

Hoo boy, that was a busy one.

Friday night I stayed late at work, because I did art docent in A's class Friday morning and also handed out some math contest awards. Once I got home, I had to prep for the big trip to Stockton Saturday for the State MathCounts competition.

Saturday morning a parent called and asked if he and his son could ride with me. I was very happy to have the company, and we headed out about 7:45 AM.

Alas, one of the kids on the team turned up sick late Thursday and was sick enough Friday/Saturday that she couldn't go to the State competition. I felt bad for her as she also missed the Regional due to a band trip. Luckily, she got to go to the Palo Alto competition in early February.

Missing one person wasn't a big problem, as at the State level the top placers always come from the Bay Area where they usually practice a lot more. I'm happy for the kids to enjoy the trip and get a score of 50% and they just about managed that.

Next year I might try taking them down to a couple Bay Area meets so that they can get more exposure to that level of competition. Perhaps it will light a fire under them to do the work outside of club that will increase their abilities.

As for State, University of Pacific is a very nice campus but they had us in the "Main Gym" which looked to be a little old, a little dark, and with no place for audience during the publicly-viewable parts (Countdown and Awards). I will recommend to State that we go back to UC Davis next year as we get to use Freeborn Hall which is a really nice place for a contest.

Saturday night was the fundraising auction (silent and live) dinner for the elementary school. It was a wild one, as the drinks flow freely. Sure they cost, but it's for the school! I had maybe one too many blended margaritas, and probably bid on one too many items in the silent auction. I'll find out soon what the final damage was.

We left the event early to go back to C's parents' house, where there was a birthday celebration for C's mom and our niece EV. Much fun and presents and sweet treats were had by all. By the time we got home, I was certainly spinning and tired. I think we might have watched something on TV. I don't quite remember. I know once the room settled down, it was time for sleep.

Sunday I actually slept in until 9 AM, which was nice. After that, it was combinations of family things, watching kids at various times, and looking for financial information so that I could file some last-minute reimbursement account claims.

Also, an hour of footy practice in the late afternoon before dinner. Unfortunately, I strained a muscle in my left calf early on in practice so I couldn't do much more than stationary handballs and some hobbling around. Hopefully this won't take too long to heal. I've been enjoying footy too much to stop for now.

By about 9pm Sunday night, I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open and only managed a couple emails before klunking out on the couch then lumbering off to bed.

Alas, no writing happened this weekend. There were some spaces, but always a million tasks that hung over my head or a bunch of possible interruptions. I need to learn how to write in situations like this, which boils down to making it a priority and not feeling guilty about it. Still working on that part, I am.
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